Some molecules

Please click on the corresponding icon, to get a higher resolution (1024x768). If you have some/a interesting/nice molecule(s) feel free to send it to
Steffen Reith. I will do a raytraced picture of it.

A view of protoprophyrin IX, the prostetic group of horseradish-peroxidase.

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As a MPEG-animation (The molecule rotates around it's central atom) (200x125) or (320x200).

Pictures of the fullerens C60 (also called "Buckyball"), C36 and C540.

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The next pictures show a zeolith. For a full explanation please contact Oliver Weichold by email.

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Next an allylic alcohol inside a cage of a zeolith. (Hints and explanations by
Oliver Weichold). The first picture shows the front of the zeolith. For the second one the zeolith was rotated by 90 degrees.

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Two other versions in 2028x1536 (TIFF).

Two pictures of chlorophyll. (With and without hydrogen):

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Some molecules of every day's life (nicotine and caffeine):

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With OpenBabel you can do capped-sticks models without problems (A cuban derivative, vanillin and Sscorpionine):

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Playing a little bit with glass objects. An indigo molecule inside a ball made of glass.


As a finish two pictures of a part of a DNA molecule. Thanks to Paul Thiessen (
Homepage) for the PDB-file of this pictures. According to his idea I used LEGO®-bricks as atoms in the second picture.

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The PDB descriptions of many molecules shown on this page can be found in the
Library of 3-D Molecular Structures.

The Povray files of all pictures on this page were calculated by using an extension of the original Babel-package by Steffen Reith. A much more modern version of this patch were included into
OpenBabel project.

Last update: 06.11.18